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Men’s Health UCLA Clinic Takes Holistic Approach to Men’s Health STORY HIGHLIGHTS The Men’s Clinic at UCLA offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to address a variety of male health issues. The clinic aims to bring men into the healthcare system at an earlier age to encourage them to take steps to stay active and to prevent the illnesses that commonly afflict men as they age. The Men’s Clinic at UCLA opened in 2015 in Santa Monica as a comprehensive, multidisciplinary health-and-wellness center. The clinic’s physicians treat male sexual dysfunction and male infertility, with expertise in microsurgical vasectomy reversal, penile implant and prosthetic surgery, microsurgical testicular sperm extraction, male hormone-replacement therapy and sexual function after spinal-cord injury. In addition, the clinic collaborates with physicians in other specialties to meet men’s holistic health needs. UCLA urologist Jesse N. Mills, MD, is the clinic’s director. How is the Men’s Clinic at UCLA different from other men’s-health clinics? We are a comprehensive center that treats not just one disease state, but multiple aspects of male health under one roof. While many clinics emphasize testosterone therapy, we Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Jesse N. Mills UCLAHEALTH.ORG 1-844-4UCLADR (1-844-482-5237) incorporate diet and lifestyle modification along with appropriate therapy to improve sexual health — potentially including testosterone replacement, medical and surgical therapies for erectile dysfunction and treatment for infertility. More broadly, our goal is to reach men who are