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Physicians Update FALL 201 5 Brain Tumor & Stroke Issue Brain Tumor p. 1 Rehabilitation p. 3 Neuro ICU p. 6 Stroke Treatment p. 8 p. 10 Neuroradiology BRAIN TUMORS Multipronged Approach Takes Aim at Malignant Brain Tumors Researchers and clinicians at UCLA are making progress in their efforts to find effective treatments for malignant brain tumors — in part through a strategy that recognizes multiple options are needed coupled with the ability to predict which therapies will most benefit each specific patient. “Thanks to our work in molecularly and genetically classifying these tumors, we have a better appreciation that there are different subtypes of the disease, and not all types can be treated equally,” explains Linda Liau, MD, PhD, director of the UCLA Brain Tumor Center. Malignant gliomas, the most common of which is glioblastoma, are among the most lethal cancers and the second-leading cause of cancer death among young adults. continued on p. 4